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india, arunachal pradesh - since 2021 | project: "art as empowerment"

in partnership with jhamtse gatsal, usa and india

the art and art therapy global project we envision for and with jhamtse gatsal children's community is in progress. the purpose of our long-term collaboration is to enhance the practice of "dharma art" and transmit a specific art therapy program to the teachers, all based on love and compassion: "art as a tonglen practice" !

​caroline, our founder, visited the community for a first 'reconnaissance trip' in march - april 2024, so she could breath in the ethos and the vision of the paradigm founded by lobsang phuntsok, share with the teams and understand their needs as well as those of the children. several art and art therapy workshops have been offered to the different departments (members of the board, teachers, admin. staff, kitchen staff) and to any of the children residing in the community. 

team: caroline maby, rashmi shah, selena garrahan, mark foley, vasudha wanchoo. photos: © caroline maby

ukraine - 2022 | project: "united artists for ukraine" 

in partnership with voices of children, ukraine


a couple of weeks after the beginning russian invasion in ukraine, elovution has organized a charity sale of one hundred artworks in order to mobilize the potentials of art as vectors of peace and resilience. 

more than 50 artists - from all over france - have offered one or several pieces of art: paintings, original drawings, photographies, ceramic, street art...

thanks to the sale, a benefit of 8,425.00 euros has been raised and directly transferred to our ukrainian partner 'voices of children' who implements art therapy workshops for children suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder in the field.

to review the course of the action, visit the blog.

team: caroline maby, carole dubois-deffains, café 'le bercail' st-malo.

© voices of children

sri lanka - 2013 | project: "interfaith art therapy training program" 

in partnership with national christian council of sri lanka

design and implementation of a specific training program given to 21 people: 17 tamil speaking (11 christians, 3 hindus, 2 atheists, 1 buddhist) and 4 christian sinhalese. the students were working all over the country as social workers, teachers, art teachers, ngo volunteers, carers, nurses, and priests.

team: caroline maby, gabrielle le brize, priscilla calyaneratne, peter loden, nihal de lanerolle. photos: © caroline maby


haiti - 2012 | project: "help haitians to help haitians"

in partnership with chart (us) & la maison l'arc en ciel (ca)

design and implementation of a specific art therapy training program for an educational and healthcare team working with children affected and/or infected by aids.

haitian students were trained in refugees camps in port-au-prince.

team: caroline maby, gabrielle le brize, peter loden & emily smack. photos: © caroline maby

haiti: 2010 - 2011 | project "art therapy for children in haiti"

in partnership with haitian ministries (us)

design and implementation of an emergency program to support the mental healthcare of children in the aftermath of the january 2010 earthquake (causing more than 200 000 deaths). workshops were given to more than 500 children in hospitals, orphanages, schools and camps of port-au-prince and surrounding provinces in order to prevent post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and behavioural disorders.

team: caroline maby, peggy lurton, julie mcintyre, peter loden & emily smack. photos: © caroline maby

france: 2010 | project: "art therapy for roma children"
under the initiative of pativ organisation and école plénitude 

workshops offered to kids from 4 to 18 yo, all unschooled and for some, suffering from behavioural disorders.

team: marie-odile brêthes, caroline maby & peggy lurton. photos: © caroline maby

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france: 2024 | project: "spring in saint-thual" (in progress)

in partnership with with the nursing home mottay-thual and the association entour'age - saint-thual, brittany

series of 6 collective workshops around a unifying theme: spring, symbol of vitality and renewal. the proposal mobilizes very specifically the emotional, motor and cognitive spheres of each participant through delicate work on the senses and attention.​                                                  

team: caroline maby, marine jean-françois

france: 2013 - 2015 | project: "art therapy for kids in need"

in partnership with salvation army, children's home 'les enfants de rochebonne' - saint-malo, brittany

series of workshops with young minors and isolated refugees who arrived unaccompanied from afghanistan, mongolia, albania, syria... and for kids from 3 to 18 yo placed in children's home (internship) by social or judicial services; clinical analysis.

france: 2013 - 2014 | project: "a drawing is worth a thousand words"

in partnership with la ville de saint-malo & the service of social rehabilitation, saint-malo, brittany

design and implementation of a series of weekly workshops for people in precarious situation

france: 2012 - 2013 | project: "art therapy for women" at the oncology department

in partnership with médecins de l’imaginaire & public hospital broussais of saint-malo, brittany

design of a new program of art therapy care for women in precarious situations and suffering from female specific cancer.


kenya: 2010 - 2014 | project "caroma art therapy center"

in partnership with kenyatta university of nairobi (psychology department)

distance supervision for the creation of a first art therapy training center in kenya, located in bungoma.


france: 2009 - 2010 | maison d’enfants "l'esquisse"

in partnership with the association l'envol, saint-brieuc, brittany

weekly art therapy workshops for female teenagers from 13 to 18 yo placed in care institution (internship) by social or judicial services. all participants suffered from behavioural or severe mental health disorders (bipolarity, schizophrenia).


france: 2008 - 2009 | association "autisme espoir vers l’école"

volunteering - animation of weekly play therapy workshops for an autistic child of 6 years old.

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