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art therapy workshops


© caroline maby

when the words are no longer sufficient, elovution sets up series of art therapy workshops for public in difficulty.

the objective is to provide psychological support - sometimes urgently - by offering art therapy to the most disadvantaged populations, with children as a priority (also women and anyone going through intense suffering).


by organising collective art therapy workshops on site (and individual workshops if necessary), elovution provides support for the symptoms of post-traumatic stress as well as local psychosocial issues. we listen to pains both of the body and of the psyche, drawing them together and working with compassionate attention.


an important work of research and analysis around the culture and history of a country is carried out in preparation for any project, supported by our technical knowledge in art-therapy, humanistic psychology, symbolism, ethno-psychology and history of religions.


the sustainability of programs is a major concern. our approach, considered with a deep ethical consciousness is undertaken with a perspective of transmission, both clinically and practically. it is meaningful to envisage medium-term and long-term art therapy training programs for the teams accompanying the participants and the communities who welcome us.


our art-therapists have already been able to support hundreds of children in different orphanages, refugee camps, hospitals and schools (haiti, sri lanka, france): see experience.

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