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art therapy training programs for carers


© caroline maby

elovution sets up specialized art therapy training programs for professionals.

the object of the mission is to train teachers and/or caregivers in art therapy - so that they can offer a complementary path of resilience to the most vulnerable populations they take care of, in priority children (also women and anyone going through intense suffering).


each program is written in an absolutely unique and personalized way for the country, the public and the host structure. we aspire to give local stakeholders - psychologists, caregivers, educators and teachers - psychological support tools precisely adapted to the specific health, psycho-social and ethno-cultural characteristics of the public in need.


our approach is based on solid knowledge in art therapy and ethno-psychology as well as our significant experience in the field. our teams are themselves supervised before every departure and after they return from a mission.


trainings programs take place in the country of need, ideally in the host organisation, in two stages:

1. theoretical and practical courses for students.

2. the practice of art therapy with the children (or anyone else in need) of the host organisation and supervision of students.

elovution also offers distance supervision to certified students.

see our past training missions carried out in haiti or sri lanka.

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