how can you support us ?

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▶︎ by giving a monthly or one-time donation

no amount is too small. a monthly pledge or one-time donation goes along way in helping us build and maintain long-lasting and mindful programs.


your donation will be directly allocated to the following three areas:


1. logistics: transportation of the team (art therapists & trainers), transportation of materials, accommodation, food and insurance.

2. materials: these include the specific art supplies we use, for the duration of the program and for the continuation of creative and art therapeutic practices after we leave. also, material for the syllabus and its publication, health care and essential products.

3. fees: allowances, translators, drivers, supervisors.


by donating to elovution, you will get access to the private facebook group : "elovution - donors & partners community".

please follow this link: donate


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▶︎ by offering your time


do you have experience in humanitarian situation, ethnopsychiatry, international law, human rights ...? are you an art therapist, a psychologist, an artist ? are you an attorney, a logistician, a press officer, a photograph, a webmaster, a graphic designer ...? are you fluent in hindi and english ?

may you consider to donate some time and expertise to the preparation and implementation of the projects we design.


please contact us if you would like to help: contact

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▶︎ by donating specific equipment

do you manufacture or sell:

- art supplies, especially: soft pastels and wax-based colored pencils? (please contact us to get the list of the required supplies)?

- air flights, facilities for material transportation and logistics ?

- tecnical gear  (trekking clothes, digital devices ...) ?

what a blessing, we need them!

please contact us if you would like to help: contact


▶︎ by visiting our little eshop

welcome to our new little eshop!

quick, grab the lovely 'rainbow-wow pin', wear it proudly on your favorite outfit... and amaze your buddies. :)


this is a great way to support us as it gives us visibility, arouses curiosity and create discussion around our action.