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founder & president: caroline maby

a certified art therapist and a member of the american art therapy association (a.a.t.a.), caroline maby has a solid clinical experience acquired in institutions working with social and mental health issues:

- in a specialist hospital center with adult patients suffering from psychosis or mood disorders (bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder).

- in specialist children's homes for young people with psychological difficulties (post-traumatic stress syndrome, behavioral disorders, problems linked to violence).

- with adults in precarious situations (roma camps, integration services).

- in overseas humanitarian emergency situations with populations suffering from post-traumatic stress.

- in private practice for 15 years.

in these arenas, caroline has proven her capacities as a project manager, art therapist and trainer.

caroline has an independent practice and gives external consultations in specialized institutions.


​visual artist, caroline has been exploring the mysteries of the creative process since the 90's. she shares her time between her studio and her study of dharma (buddhist teachings). her daily practice of zen meditation is a fundamental element in her quality of presence which she brings into working with vulnerable people and communities. she is a member of zen peacemakers international.

caroline is the program manager of elovution.

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