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an aspiration:


elovution is a french humanitarian association with a focus on health provision within specific social and cultural contexts.

'its object is to support the most vulnerable people with art therapy, to offer art therapy training to the professionals working with these people in the field and to promote collaborative artistic projects for disadvantaged populations, both in france and overseas'.

the team works according to three main areas of intervention:

- setting up art therapy workshops for people in great difficulty.

- setting up training sessions in art therapy for professionals in the fields of education and nursing already working with populations in difficulty.

- setting up collective and transversal artistic projects with workshops participants, staff and/or their local communities.

in france, elovution can intervene in health and social sectors, in partnership with private or state organizations. abroad, missions are organized in a humanitarian context, including emergency situations.

the actions of the organization are determined according to international priorities for children-at-risk with a specific interest in buddhist lands of south east asia.


a philosophy:

the clinical approach of elovution has a strong unpinning of ethical awareness, taking into account the ethno-cultural specificities of the environment, as well as the utmost respect for a person and their individuality. participating in the preservation of local culture and nature is a major consideration in our projects.


those who take part in the art and art therapy workshops are rarely responsible for their funding, or do so in a modest way. this is instead supported by the structures already in place and elovution itself, thanks to the support of its donors and partners - public or private, companies and individuals.

elovution is deeply inspired by bernie glassman's legacy and roshi's vision of social action, now promoted by zen peacemakers international. 

the "3 tenets" — not knowing, bearing witness and loving action — are major fundamentals of our commitment.



a story:


in 2005, caroline maby, visual artist, developed mind art®: a digital interactive art project aimed at encouraging interaction between the painter and the art lover. 'mind art®' allowed visitors in an exhibition to instantly modify the colors of the canvases on display, thanks to an innovative digital interface.

at the same time, she founded 'art live', a cultural association aspiring to promote installations of interactive artworks.

'mind art®' was exhibited and noticed by several cultural and health institutions including a major psychiatric hospital in rennes (fr), which welcomed caroline as resident artist: 'mind art®' offered a creative opportunity to psychotic patients for whom starting from a blank page could be difficult.

this encounter between art and psychiatry was a shock for caroline who immediately undertook art therapy studies.


in 2008, she changed the name and the object of 'art live' which became 'colors of the heART', an association aiming to 'promote art therapy through humanistic philosophy and global collaboration'. she lead this for almost ten years, deploying it along three axes: humanitarian, social action and training.

a project manager, caroline wrote and implemented numerous programs specifically adapted to emergency health situations (haiti, sri lanka) or responding to local psychosocial questions (brittany, france). she intervened there regularly as an art therapist and trainer.

in 2013, returning from a mission in sri lanka, caroline fell seriously ill. no precise diagnosis was established for years and she had to give up art therapeutic support to heal herself. with heartbreak, current projects in france and abroad had to end, until the definitive closing 'colors of the heART'. she finally stopped her wider practice to devote herself only to painting and the study of buddhist dharma. after a complex health journey, alternative medicine finally identified the cause of a neurological disease that mimicked multiple sclerosis. in 2019, she fully recovered.

during losar 2021, caroline discovers 'tashi and the monk', a documentary which features the action of 'jhamtse gatsal children community' in india. this crush awakens a flame that has been sleeping for the duration of healing; her aspiration is intact. returning to the field where she may help and accompanying the children in need becomes a renewed goal: she founds elovution, a 'sister-ship' of colors of the heART. the rest is being written now.


+ :


elovution is a french non-profit organization, of general interest.

it is based in saint-malo, brittany, france.

official registration number (rna): w354007264.

siret: 899 049 118 00016 - ape: 86.90f

bank: crédit agricole saint-malo | iban on request.

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