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our experience in the field, in humanitarian situations and psychosocial structures has led us to deep questioning about respect for a person and their ethnocultural identity.

in the development of programs in field practice, constant attention is paid to a broad spectrum of ethical concerns including:
- respect for the integrity and specific values of participants,
- confidentiality of sessions,
- obligations towards other health and education professionals working in or with the same communities and organisations,
- retention of creations,
- supervision and evaluation of elovution teams,
- the fundamental modalities of the research work,
- a deep ecological awareness in the development of missions.


we have had the opportunity to set up training programs in humanitarian situations with groups which sometimes come from different ethnic and religious communities with conflicting beliefs: bearing witness to the "inter-faith" dimension is very dear to elovution.

out of respect for image rights, no photograph showing people in the workshops, whether children or adults, is ever published without prior agreement.

as a member of the american art therapy association

caroline maby, founder, adheres to its deontology code: 

the ethical principles for art therapists.

more about ethics:

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