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elovution is a new mandala, born from the aspiration of a painter and art therapist

to return to the field, help children-at-risk and train the nursing and educational staff

who work with them on a daily basis.

art therapy uses the creative process as a dynamic of transformation.

visual art, especially drawing and painting, is our favoured medium.

the whole relationship is interwoven with loving kindness.

elovution expresses its deep solidarity with ukrainian people and calls for human rights to be respected.

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elovution is organizing an art sale for the benefit of ukraine.

we are delighted to mobilize with you the forces of art as a vector of peace and resilience through this exceptional art sale.


paintings, drawings, ceramics, photographies, street art...

please visit the virtual gallery on facebook: here.


the eshop is here.

all the benefits are donated to 'voices of children' who implements art therapy workshops and brings a psychological support to children and families in ukraine .


to discover the artists, their artworks, follow and support us:

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© caroline maby